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NYSAF offers flexible, community-driven support to artists throughout the year, adapting our resources to meet the needs of each individual and their process.


IN-PERSON: NYC-based in-person processes offer development for plays and musicals, and emulate signature aspects of NYSAF’s celebrated summer season: a community of professional artists served by workshops, readings, and residencies that rehearse side-by-side in a nurturing environment. All work is presented publicly free of charge and we foster community and collaboration between artistic peers and between artists and audiences.

REMOTE ACCESS: In response to the global pandemic and changes to in-person gathering and live performance, NYSAF developed a series of adaptable programs, mentorships, and innovative approaches to storytelling, supporting artists through an evolving era of connectivity and creation.

NYSAF NEXUS is a new initiative bringing together multi-hyphenate artists to participate in a creative think tank that encourages an exploration of form. NYSAF NEXUS invites an opportunity for cross-pollination, creative expression, and new relationships as artists consider story at the intersection of stage and film.



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An annual seasonal gathering in the Hudson Valley where professional playwrights, directors, actors, designers and early-career practitioners live and work together in a collaborative artistic environment.  These artists work away from critical and commercial pressures, allowing them to take risks as they explore and develop new projects. 


Summer seasons include multiple projects in June and July, from developmental productions to workshops, readings, and residencies. Our awards, fellowships, and residencies engage dozens of additional artists. We also offer other companies flexible resources to support their developmental needs in the Hudson Valley.

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The Filmmakers' Workshop supports early-career screenwriters and television writers with creative development and intensive professional mentorship, and applies NYSAF’s signature artistic tools to TV and film.


Our tailored, process-oriented approach mirrors our celebrated development of new plays and musicals. The Filmmakers’ Workshop has two parts. First, gathering in late January in New York City, where writers receive a table read of their script with professional actors, attend the readings of fellow writers, and receive one-on-one feedback from industry professionals.  In July, we gather for one week during the New York Stage and Film Summer Season in Poughkeepsie, NY,  focusing on further script and artist development, attending master classes and panel discussions.