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John-Michael Lyles | NYSAF 2023 Summer Season | Photo Credit: Daniel Blake


The artistic force that was first initiated by the Robbins Foundation and known as Project Springboard has been rehomed with New York Stage and Film and is now Stories That Move: Developing Dance Musicals (inspired by Jerome Robbins)–a name that hopefully embodies not only the physical manifestation of the art supported, but also the emotional, spiritual and psychological impacts that these works will have on those who engage with them. Stories That Move will support developmental opportunities year-round. Support will range in capacity from robust multi-week developmental workshops, to residencies intended for nascent stories in need of time and space to further develop and launch the ideas into fruition. Stories That Move is made possible with leadership support from the Jerome Robbins Foundation, as well as the Howard Gilman Foundation, the Frederick Loewe Foundation, and the Mertz Gilmore Foundation.


Stories That Move is able to support projects at various stages of development; our resources are flexible so that we may best serve the creative team’s needs and goals. Workshops and Residencies will take place during our Summer Season in Poughkeepsie, where artists receive project support and an opportunity to engage in the larger community of creatives that NYSAF brings together. Regardless of where your project is at in terms of development, if you are a choreographer with a creative team and a project or idea that would benefit from time and space, please consider applying. 

Residencies are intended for projects earlier on in the creative process. Perhaps there is an early draft of the book and score that needs revising or expansion. These are the most individualized forms of support, intended to specifically meet the current needs of the project’s process. Residencies do not have a public performance, and are more geared towards launching a process.


Workshops are intended for projects that are further along in the developmental process (i.e. some or a majority of the content already exists). Creative teams will be well suited for a workshop opportunity if the project will benefit from time, space, and resources to reach the next stage in its development process. Workshops will include a company of actor/dancers for a one or two-week rehearsal process, and may also feature other creative collaborators (i.e. designers, etc) that will serve the project’s specific developmental needs. Projects in the workshop stage will also be provided with support from the NYSAF community to further the life of the piece (in the form of video reels, consulting on the future of the piece, etc.). Workshops culminate in multiple in-process public performances.


Intentionally broad so as not to impose limits on a creative team’s approach, any “dance-centered musical” is eligible to apply. The one criteria for submission is that dance is an integral element of the story-telling. 


Submissions will be considered based upon:

  • The originality of the proposed idea

  • The role choreography plays in driving forward the plot and narrative

  • The artists involved and their potential to accomplish the proposed goals

Note: Creative teams must include a choreographer as a core member of the team

  • The impact and contribution of the piece on the dance musical theatre canon


Applications are now closed. 


Any questions can be sent to


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