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New York Stage and Film is dedicated to creating community, supporting process and uplifting original artistic voices. We nurture possibility and form exhilarating spaces for creative teams to explore the questions they can’t ask anywhere else.


For 38 years, we have been saying to our artists: Give yourself permission to be in process; to embrace the possibility in your story and in yourself; Give yourself the space to try, perhaps through a protected incubator residency, an open reading, or a large workshop for an audience that loves the fact that you haven’t finished yet and is excited by where you might be going.


Multiply that type of support by dozens of stories every year, and the cumulative impact over our

38-year history is astounding.


We need your support so we can continue investing in artists whose possibility will impact us all.


Meet some of New York Stage and Film's artists and find out how New York Stage and Film  supports them in their artistic process.

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Collage Header - Artists top left to bottom right:

Katrina Lenk, John-Michael Lyles, Joel Perez, Benjamin Velez, Jason SweetTooth Williams, Annie Tippe, Leonard Foglia, Jason Kim, Ben Moss, Miriam Silverman, Craig T. Williams,

Kenita Miller, Mia Pak, Leanne Antonio, Reshma Shetty, Adrienne Walker, Will Tuner, Lily Harris, Jaki Bradley, Keshav Moodliar, Beth Henley, Morgan Siobhan Green,

Laurence Fishburne, Jo Bonney, Emily Kaczmarek, Natalie Duncan

Photo Credits: Emilio Madrid & Daniel Blake

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