In the midst of this global crisis, it has never been clearer that the world needs connection, community, and solidarity.


Especially as we all face the uncertainty and upheaval of our current moment, New York Stage and Film remains committed to bringing artists and audiences together as a united community

Visit our NYSAF NOW page to learn about our response to a continued need to connect and share -- a flexible set of resources and programs to serve the needs of theater and film artists today. 


For 36 years, New York Stage and Film has been at the forefront of storytelling; a catalyst for original stories that start with us and impact audiences across the country and around the world. With the support of New York Stage and Film, artists are given the freedom to take bold creative risks that lead to ground-breaking work. Our supporters sustain the work of these artists and are crucial participants in the creation of these new works.

As a supporter of New York Stage and Film, you will: 

  • Encourage artists at all stages of their careers to take creative risks, experiment, and tell vibrant, diverse stories

  • Join a vital community and have a direct relationship with the artists at the heart of it

  • Ensure that the public can continue to play its crucial part in the development process of new work by keeping ticket prices low

  • Help launch landmark work like Hamilton, The Humans, Doubt, American Idiot, and hundreds of other projects that trace their developmental roots to New York Stage and Film

Before works like Hamilton, The Humans, Junk, and Hadestown enjoyed success, they incubated at New York Stage and Film where our audiences provided vital feedback as the writers continued to develop their stories. Our Members are among the first to experience stories like this on the brink of becoming sensations and are the VIPs of New York Stage and Film. Click here to learn more about NYSAF Membership.

To make a payment over the phone or to transfer stock, please email Abbey Vensel, Development Manager, at

Images clockwise from top left:

Taylor Mac; Jeffrey Omura in The Great LeapAmerican Idiot rehearsal; Carmen Cusack in Bright Star; Ngozi Anyanwu; 

The cast of The Wolves; Daveed Diggs & Lin Manuel-Miranda rehearse Hamilton; Raul Esparza; Ayad Akhtar presents Junk

Photo credit: Buck Lewis

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