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Cast photos for INDIA PALE ALE

JULY 6 - 8


by Jaclyn Backhaus

directed by Will Davis

featuring Adeel Ahmed, Eshan Bay, Purva Bedi, Jay Charan, Anna Itty, Sophia Mahmud, Nate Miller, Shazi Raja, Lipica Shah

In a small Wisconsin town, a tight-knit Punjabi community gathers to celebrate the engagement of a traditional family’s only son, just as their strong-willed daughter announces her plans to move away and open a bar. One generation’s cherished customs clash with another’s modern-day aspirations and ancestors from the family's past haunt the present day, when one sudden event changes everything.  This poignant and smartly funny new play about legacy, life and pirates comes from the fresh voice of Jaclyn Backhaus (the award-winning Men on Boats), who teams up with director Will Davis (The Great Leap, 2017 Powerhouse Inside Look workshop).

JULY 13 - 15


conceived by Annie Saunders & Becca Wolff

direction & dramaturgy by Becca Wolff

additional dramaturgy & original writing

by Annie Saunders

“Who do you think decides what is a big deal and what isn’t?”  Inspired by Sophocles’ Antigone and origin stories from the American frontier, Our Country is set in California’s marijuana country, our still-Wild West. Based on recorded conversations between the artist and her younger brother, and steeped in psychoanalytic theory, childhood memories, and mythologies from Ancient Greece, this autobiographical creation recalls a time when we were young — as siblings, as a nation, as a democratic system.

additional devising by the company

featuring Max Hersey & Annie Saunders

Cast photos for OUR COUNTRY
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