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...and the horse you rode in on

by Zach Helm

directed by Kate Whoriskey

The story of Ben, a young hacktivist. Federally incarcerated for digital civil-disobedience, Ben attempts to bring the entire US Judiciary to its knees from inside prison as a warning on totalitarianism... all while his mother, in scant visits, attempts to negotiate for his freedom and mental health. It is the first of a proposed five play cycle drawn as an analog of real events of the past decade that expose the state of international espionage and the human lives it has torn apart.

June 20 - 22


Victor Almanzar

Josh Boone

Alejandro Hernandez
Adriane Lenox

Reynaldo Piniella

Noah Robbins

Cesar Rosado

Constance Shulman

The Best We Could

THE BEST WE COULD (a family tragedy)

by Emily Feldman

directed by Daniel Aukin

A daughter’s road trip with her father becomes a theatrical journey across more than just state lines. This funny, wise, and heartbreaking debut from an exciting new writer will be brought to vibrant life by director Daniel Aukin.

July 25 - 27


Eboni Booth

Kristen Griffith

Tyrone Mitchell Henderson

Lisa Joyce

Frank Wood

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