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The Elementary Spacetime Show


David Abeles

Tattiana Aqeel

Stephen Bogardus

Clifton Duncan

Danaya Esperanza

Brian Flores

Ari Groover

Christopher Sears

Margo Siebert

Ching Valdes-Aran



adapted from the novel by Mac Wellman

book by Rachel Chavkin

music by Heather Christian

lyrics by Heather Christian and

Rachel Chavkin

directed by Rachel Chavkin

movement by Raja Feather Kelly

An otherworldly journey into the jagged heart of rust-belt Ohio, where blue monkeys play in the wreckage of post-industrial America, and where high school boy Jack Scan is in love with the prettiest girl in town. This timely adaptation of Mac Wellman’s wry, surrealist coming-of-age story, adapted by Obie Award-winning artists Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown, The Great Comet) and Heather Christian (Animal Wisdom), travels through time and space, to Mars and back again as it tries to make sense of the forces lurking in the American woods.

July 5 - 7



music and lyrics by César Alvarez

book by César Alvarez with Emily Orling

directed by Sarah Benson

You can die, you just have to answer a few crazy questions first. And sing. And dance.

A young girl attempts suicide and wakes up trapped in a cosmic vaudevillian game show that she must win in order to enter the void of death. But the more she wants to die, the harder she has to work. A new musical of why to exist when you no longer want to, with up-tempo genre-bending songs and a healthy dose of the absurd from the creators of Futurity.

July 12 - 14


Andrew R. Butler

Cosmo Castaldi

Mariah Del Rio

Sofia Dobrushin

Joshuah Dominique

Andrew Farmer

Jari Jones

Mason Alexander Park

Mimi Scardulla

Terran Scott



conceived by Saheem Ali

music & lyrics by Michael Thurber

book by Jocelyn Bioh

additional lyrics by Mkhululi Z. Mabija

directed by Saheem Ali

A young man returns home to the African coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya, to marry his betrothed and step into his family’s political dynasty. But when he visits Moto Moto – a steamy afro-jazz club and the stomping ground of his youth – he finds himself drawn to a beautiful, mysterious new singer. Soon, he must decide whether to fulfill the legacy of his lineage, or give in to his love of music and a newfound attraction.  A story of love, destiny, the spirit world and the power of passion, inspired by the ancient myth of Marimba, the goddess of music.

July 26 - 28


Phoenix Best

Rodrick Covington

Amber Iman

Janelle McDermoth

Abena Mensah-Bonsu

Adesola Osakalumi

Lance Roberts

Antoine Smith

Avery Smith

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