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New York Stage and Film has always operated with artist-focused flexibility, shaping our resources and opportunities to meet projects at every step of their development.


NYSAF NOW is our response to a continued need to connect and share -- an adaptable set of resources and programs to serve the needs of theater and film artists today, to continue to build a community, and to support artists through an evolving era of connectivity and creation.

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Where does story live at the intersection of stage and film?

Artists see beyond the boundaries of form - and in this moment of unparalleled challenges, artists are exploring new forms of storytelling. At the same time, the community who has dedicated their lives and careers to generating story is experiencing job and income loss on an enormous scale. As we look to the future, we will support these storytellers as they evolve the art form and break away from traditional mode of development.

NYSAF NEXUS is a new initiative born of this time. Twenty innovative artists have been selected by leaders in the fields of stage and film to receive a $5000 seed grant to participate in a creative think tank that encourages an exploration of form. NYSAF NEXUS invites an opportunity for cross-pollination, creative expression, and new relationships.

Lead Artists: Ayad Akhtar, César Alvarez, Luis Castro, Elsie Choi, Marcus Gardley, Zach Helm, Beth Henley, Quiara Alegría Hudes, Patricia McGregor, Lila Neugebauer, Madeline Sayat, Shelby Stone, Regina Taylor, Chay Yew

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NYSAF NOW continues our year-round support of works in development through custom workshops, curated readings, and one-on-one conversations around new plays, musicals and storytelling

Virtual Workshops

bespoke virtual processes that assemble creative teams and engage targeted conversations in direct response to the project's needs

Mentor Sessions

storytellers meet with a mentor who gives them feedback based on a specific area of focus or set of questions

Flexible Responses

as theatrical storytelling adapts to virtual spaces and new mediums, so do our resources; expanding the possibility for creation and connection

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The 10th Anniversary Founders' Award and Inaugural Pfaelzer Award Recipients

Founders' Award

Kirya Traber

The Founders' Award provides financial support and administrative resources for a summer residency, as well as access to the NYSAF artist community. On the 10th anniversary of the award in 2020, NYSAF is expanding its scope to provide financial and administrative support for a project for which the recipient will be the sole curatorial voice. 

The Pfaelzer Award

Estefanía Fadul

The Pfaelzer Award was created in honor of Johanna Pfaelzer's twenty-year commitment to nurturing artists and their developing stories at NYSAF. The recipient receives artistic and administrative support for projects of their choosing throughout the year, culminating in a residency during NYSAF's summer season, with developmental activity that best supports the artist and their work.