From our home base in New York City, we serve artists through the course of the full calendar year, and throughout the life cycle of their projects. Our NYC Reading Series at Barnard College features free public readings of work in progress every 6-8 weeks during the school year. The Winter Season offers workshops, readings, and residencies to several projects simultaneously, and presents them free to the general public.


2019 Fall Readings Series

September 23, October 28, November 4, November 18

2020 Winter Season

Dates TBA


Moving Forward

by Bill Bradley

Moving Forward is Bill Bradley’s American Journey: from a small town in Missouri on the banks of the Mississippi River to Princeton and on to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, followed by ten years in the NBA with the New York Knicks then 18 years in the U.S. Senate and in 2000 a run for President of the United States.  This autobiographical piece deals with Bradley’s three passions – basketball, politics and self-discovery.  It shares insights about all three as well as life generally, while being funny and deeply moving. It speaks to each of us as human beings and Americans. 

Monday, September 23rd | 7:00 pm

The Glicker-Milstein Theater at The Diana Center
Barnard College

3009 Broadway (at 117th Street)


Tent Revival

by Majkin Holmquist

directed by Teddy Bergman

The story of Ida, a young woman on the road with her parents as they preach the good word during the faith-healing revivalist tradition of the mid-20th century. While they spread miracles from one small Kansas town to another, Ida wrestles with doubt and struggles to find her own voice on the wide midwestern plains.


Monday, October 28th | 7:00 pm

The Glicker-Milstein Theater at The Diana Center
Barnard College

3009 Broadway (at 117th Street)


Mary Bacon, Abby Corrigan, Brad Heberlee,

Megan Hill & Elise Kibler

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Mother of  Exiles

by Jessica Huang

In 1898 California, a pregnant Eddie Loi faces deportation. In 1998 Miami, her grandson Braulio decides who stays and who goes. In 2098 somewhere on the ocean, their descendants sail toward a new country, fleeing climate crisis. Mother of Exiles follows the Loi family’s journey through America across 200 years, as they are ushered along by the spirits of their ancestors.


Monday, November 4th | 7:00 pm

The Glicker-Milstein Theater at The Diana Center
Barnard College

3009 Broadway (at 117th Street)

directed by Tyne Rafaeli


Camila Canó-Flaviá, Alejandra Escalante, Wei-Yi Lin, Jodi Long, Peter Rini & Ricardo Vazquez

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The Lost Or, How to Just B

by Keelay Gipson

The Lost Or, How to Just B is a story about a Black boy trying to find his wings when the world tells him he has none. And Love. Told through hip hop and spoken word, we follow B as he discovers himself, through the city that raised him and the city he has never known.


Paige Gilbert, James Jackson Jr, Anthony Merchant, Avir Mitchell-Townes, Carter Redwood, Xavier Reyes, André Smith, Kara Young

Monday, November 18th | 7:00 pm


The Mainstage Theater

416 West 42nd Street

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a Collaboration with

New York Theatre Salon


Portraits of Religion in

Modern Theater

There are an estimated 4,200 religions worldwide, and although American theater focuses on telling stories about followers of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, some important questions are to be asked. What kind of portrayals are we making in our theater stories, and are these holding truthful to realities of the people who follow them? While some playwrights choose to ridicule organized religion, others seem to focus on one specific belief or perspective of that belief.

Join us for our November panel where will explore the ways various religions are portrayed on stage, and hopefully draw closer to what it means to represent religious faith, its doctrines, and their followers on the theatrical stage.

Panelists will include Will Arbery, Kareem Fahmy, Majkin Holmquist and Kim Snyder.

Friday, November 22nd | 7:00 pm

DGF Music Hall

356 West 40th Street, 2nd Fl

214 West 29th Street

Suite 1001

New York, NY 10001


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