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New York Stage and Film operates with artist-focused flexibility, shaping our resources and opportunities to meet projects at every step of their development.


Our Annual Artist Support adapts resources and programs to serve the needs of theater and film artists today, prioritizing community and safety in an evolving era of connectivity and creation, including:



Where professional artists and early-career practitioners live and work together in a collaborative artistic environment. Working away from critical and commercial pressures, artists are free to connect and take risks as they explore and develop new projects through readings, workshops, developmental productions, and residencies. Job and Apprentice Opportunities now available



Serving early-career filmmakers with professional mentors and creative development. 



Such as the Founders’ Award and Pfaelzer Award that serve exceptional voices with financial support, administrative resources, and access to the NYSAF community while they develop new stories.


Where artists may enter a nurturing environment for creative process, mentorships, and community engagement. These may manifest as NYC-based workshops, residencies for individuals, teams or companies, or remote programs. Whenever possible, NYSAF tailors our resources to each articulated need. Learn more about artists supported through adaptable opportunities

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The NYSAF Community is an ever-evolving web of artists and practitioners at all stages of personal and professional development. Learn more:

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