New York Stage and Film has initiated a search for the successor to its current Artistic Director, Johanna Pfaelzer. 

NYSAF’s board is seeking to engage a new Artistic Director full time by June 1, 2019.



New York Stage and Film (NYSAF) is a non-profit company dedicated to both emerging and established artists in the development and production of new works for theater and film.  Since 1985, NYSAF has played a major role in the development of new plays for the American theater, provided a home for a diverse group of artists free from critical and commercial pressures, and has established itself as a vital cultural institution for residents of the New York metropolitan region.  The people and projects we support go on to shape the landscape of theater in America and around the world; our apprentices and interns mature to become leaders in the performing arts and beyond; and our audiences sustain the work of celebrated artists and newly-discovered voices, as crucial participants in the creation of new work.


Our signature programs include:

Powerhouse Theater Season

New York City Programming

Powerhouse Training Program

Filmmakers' Workshop

Awards, Fellowships & Residencies

Dozens of notable works trace their developmental roots to NYSAF, including the 2016 Tony Award winners for Best Musical (Hamilton) and Best Play (The Humans), as well as the Tony Award-winning plays Side Man and Doubt, the Broadway musicals American Idiot and Bright Star, and the 2017 Pulitzer finalists The Wolves and Taylor Mac's A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.




New York Stage and Film will offer an exceptional artist/producer the rare opportunity to join one of the country’s most valued institutions in the development of new work for the theater. 


The new Artistic Director will be someone who shares the core values of the organization including its strong commitment to creating a vibrant, generous community, support of artists of all levels of experience, race, age, and gender, a program that is diverse in terms of both content and style, the flexibility to meet the particular needs of a project and/or an artist and work that is meaningful now and over time. 


The Board of New York Stage and Film seeks someone kind, strong, ambitious, visionary, considerate, smart, and curious. It plans to hire someone with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to the highest level of artistic rigor and excellence.  The successful candidate will be someone who is strategic, communicative, honest, and innovative and can inspire and lead a Board, staff, audiences and artists through the company’s next chapter. 


It is expected the Artistic Director will have a) strong creative skills that include being able to see talent and potential in unfinished work, give notes on material, assemble creative teams to move a work forward; b) strong personal skills that include being able to constructively give feedback to artists, manage and bring out the best in the various personalities involved in all collaborations, choose and manage a strong staff, work closely with the Board of Directors, and relate invitingly and personally to our audiences and supporters; c) strong fundraising, management, and business skills that include being able to work closely with the Board of Directors on all relevant activities particularly in developing the support necessary to sustain the company, and oversee long range planning as the company moves into the future.


The Artistic Director reports directly to the Board of Directors. 


The Artistic Director will spend 2 months each year (from early June to early August) at the summer theater residency on the Vassar College campus in Poughkeepsie, NY. 




The Artistic Director of NYSAF has primary responsibility for all aspects of artistic programming, including the Powerhouse Season, NYC programming, and the Filmmakers Workshop. 

Specific responsibilities include:

  • All project selection for all stages of development and production;

  • Selection and engagement of all artistic personnel year-round;

  • Communication of NYSAF’s artistic vision;

  • Creation and maintenance of strong relationships with emerging and established writers, directors, actors and designers;

  • Engagement with industry colleagues to both solicit and advance specific projects as well as enhance NYSAF’s position in the field;

  • Hands on production of projects;

  • Maintenance of the relationship and collaboration with Vassar personnel on the Powerhouse Program including the Training Program;

  • Budgeting and all financial planning alongside other staff/officers and the Board of Directors and subject to the Board’s approval;

  • Supervision of legal and general business affairs of the Company with support of the board and other staff/officers;

  • Long-range planning, and development of new programming;

  • Supervision of marketing and communications plans that increase awareness of the organization;

  • Audience development in the various relevant communities;

  • Fundraising including establishing plan for overall development strategy for the organization, maintaining relationships with current institutional donors and actively working to establish new ones; nurturing relationships with current individual donors; solicitation of new individual donors; producing of fundraising events including the annual benefit; recruitment of new Board members; deep engagement with and stewardship of current Board members.



Compensation will be commensurate with the leadership role that this position represents for NYSAF. 


Applications are now closed.


New York Stage and Film is committed to diversity in all areas of its work.

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